photograph of Sarah Walton, certified child sleep consultant with Bella Luna Family


Hi! I’m Sarah Walton. I’m a mother of 3; 6 year old twin boys and  4 year old girl. Plus we have a Frenchie puppy named, Lucy, who I consider my 4th child!

I’m a military spouse and my husband has been in the Coastguard since 2010. I grew up in NH, but we have moved all over the US. We are currently stationed in Pensacola, Florida.

My Journey To Sleep Consulting

I'm what you would call multi-passionate! I attended Keene State College and received my BS in Chemistry. I've always been passionate about science, holding jobs ranging from working in a nuclear power plant to manager of a quality control lab for car and airplane parts. While I enjoyed these jobs, I never considered them my forever career.

It wasn't until I had twin boys who didn't sleep and I worked with our founder, Christine, that I started to see my true calling was in sleep consulting.

Christine and I became friends, staying in touch over the next couple years. Eventually, she suggested I get certified to become a child sleep consultant and join her team. It just made so much sense. Sleep consulting combines my love of children, helping others and science.

In February 2021, I graduated from the Family Sleep Institute certified child sleep consultant program and joined the Bella Luna team. In the past 2+ years I've had the pleasure of helping hundreds of families to get the rest they need.

photograph of Sarah Walton, certified child sleep consultant with Bella Luna Family and her family

My Mission

My mission is to help families be well rested and happier versions of themselves by customizing solutions that will help the family meet their sleep goals, while taking into account their family and child's uniqueness.  My desire is to partner with families to jointly develop a plan and then hold them accountable to staying consistent so they can see success.

photograph of Sarah Walton, certified child sleep consultant with Bella Luna Family and her kids

Why I Became a Sleep Consultant

When we found out we were pregnant with twins, I started reading all the books on sleep. I had always been good with babies and young children; babysitting for many families from an early age. My pre-kid self truly thought it couldn’t possibly be THAT hard. Boy, I was so wrong.

At 5 months, my boys slept 1 hour at a time, without fail.  With lip and tongue tie revisions, severe reflux and little sleep for everyone, my husband and I were exhausted.

This was one of the most trying times of my life. My husband and I fought a lot, due to sheer exhaustion and neither one of us getting a break. He still had to work everyday and I felt deserted at home with 2 babies. Plus, I felt very alone. I had been pregnant at the same time as 3 other close friends and their babies were all easy sleepers. I felt like I was drowning and no one understood.

After working with Christine, I saw the life changing effects of sleep for my family. So when Christine's suggested I get certified and join her team, it was a no-brainer.

I pride myself on being a supportive, caring friend and I knew that I could use these skills, coupled with my sleep knowlege to truly make a difference in the lives of families. Now I get to do what I love and I can do it from anywhere we move!

Client Love

How I can support and help you achieve your goals...

First and foremost, know that you are not alone. So many families struggle with sleep and I’m here to support you through your family's sleep journey.

Anyone can research methods and try to implement them but sometimes you just need someone in your corner…. to let you know it’s ok to feel anxious about sleep training, reassure you that your attachment with your child will remain as strong as ever, and to guide you through the hard days and nights. I’m here to hold you accountable but also to be your cheerleader and encourage you to keep going. The end result is SO worth it! By the end of our time together, I want you to feel confident moving forward on your own, with everyone in your family getting the restorative sleep they need


Interesting Info

Location / Time Zone

Pensacola, FL / CST

What I’m Reading

The Whole Brain Child for my behavior certification course and for pleasure, I love the classics, dystopian and anything by Alice Hoffman.

On My Nightstand

Ice water, box of tissues, clay creatures that my kids have made me 🙂


Certified Child Sleep Consultant and working on a Child Behavior Consultant certification program


Twins and multiples. Pediatric sleep from 0-5, with a special focus on babies.

My sleep philosophy

We are not ourselves when we are sleep deprived. Sleep is essential to being the best parent and partner you can be. You will never regret giving your child the gift of healthy sleep habits. It will continue to pay off their entire lives.

personality type

Outgoing, but also a huge homebody!

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Enneagram / Meyers Briggs

It keeps changing every time I take it!