Harmon Family Case Study

Christine Brown

Christine Brown

4 Year Old Goes From Bedtime Battles & 3-5 Night Wakings To Falling Asleep Independently & Sleeping Through The Night

Family Sleep Goals

Before meeting with their sleep consultant, Alex, the family shared the following goals:

  • Jude to learn to fall asleep independently
  • Jude to sleep through the night in his own bed
  • Room sharing with his little sister


This sweet family reached out for help when they were exhausted from rocking their 4-year-old to sleep, frequent night waking and early morning wake-ups with their son, Jude.

Mom or Dad was having to rock him and then lay with him at bedtime until he fell asleep. Jude would then wake up 3-5 times a night and out of exhaustion and desperation, he would end up sleeping in bed with Dad.

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What Did You Like Most About Working with Bella Luna?

“I loved how the changes made were achievable. I loved that we were able to talk to Alex about anything, and she was willing to work with us, and listen to our suggestions about what may work for Jude if something else wasn’t working.

I also loved how she made suggestions for ME as a parent to ensure that I’d also be successful in Jude’s progress. Everything was honestly amazing.”

Mom to Jude, 4

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