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Our team of certified child sleep consultants, lactation consultants and parent coaches are here to help your family navigate the wild journey of parenting

We Empower Families With:

  • SLEEP: From newborns to big kids, we help the whole family return to feeling happy, healthy and rested.
  • PARENT COACHING: A peaceful home, united parents, and happy kiddos. We're here to give you tools to get back on track.
  • POTTY TRAINING: Let us help you take the stress out of one of the biggest and most exciting milestones for your little one.
  • LACTATION: Whether this is your first or fourth baby, we want to make your breastfeeding journey a joyful one.

How The Process Works


Schedule a discovery call to chat about working together and selecting your package


 Sign up and complete the intake form, then schedule the consultation


Meet with your consultant on Zoom to work together to devise the plan to meet your goals


Implement the plan your consultant creates for you


Receive ongoing support from your consultant, if you choose a support package option


Experience more peace and harmony at home!

Hi, I'm Christine


christine brown, founder of bella luna family, sitting on a bed

When my twin boys were six months old, my husband and I hit a concrete wall of sleep deprivation and sought outside help. After failing to find a local sleep consultant, I set out to teach the boys how to sleep on their own. Ultimately, we were successful, but would have loved to have a guide on the journey.

This struggle launched my sleep obsession and a passion to help families like my own. I was certified in early 2016 and Bella Luna Family was born! Since then, my team and I have helped thousands of families.

Then my twins turned 3 and we found ourselves struggling with their behavior and potty training. I found that I didn't have the tools I needed so I hit the books again and received a certificate in child behavior coaching, which included potty training.

My team and I have all been deliriously exhausted and experience the same challenges that you do, which is why we now empower and support families like yours!

Schedule a discovery call and let's chat about working together!