picture of a toddler upside down smiling for the blog post How to Survive the 2.5 Year Sleep Regression | Bella Luna Family

How To Survive The 2.5 Year Sleep Regression

You made it through the 2 year sleep regression and you think “it’s smooth sailing from now on. We put all those pesky toddler sleep regressions behind us!” Then your toddler turns 2.5 and the wheels come off the bus again. This has parents asking me “is there a 2.5 year sleep regression?” Short answer.…

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Picture of a little girl with a pacifier in her mouth that is going through the 2 Year Sleep Regression

How To Survive The Two Year Sleep Regression

Is your toddler suddenly fighting sleep? You aren’t alone! This is one of the most common age ranges when parents that reach out for help. The 2 year sleep regression can dramatically change your toddler’s routines and quickly create an overtired child. Common sleep time behavior changes that point to the 2 year old sleep…

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