Victoria’s Journey To Sleep Consulting

victoria bermudez journey to sleep consulting
Victoria Bermudez

Victoria Bermudez

Hi there! I’m Victoria, I’m so excited to join the Bella Luna Family! I don’t know about you, but I love to hear other’s stories. So today I am going to share my journey to sleep consulting with you and some of my top tips!

A couple of years ago, I had my son, Logan. He was everything we dreamed he would be: soft, sweet and so tiny.

But…he almost never slept. Like, ever. Almost from day one, he struggled to fall asleep and stay asleep. Despite promises from family, friends and the internet that sleep would get better on its own, it never really did.

My husband, Jorge, is in the Army. We live states away from our families and had very limited support. We were *tired*; frankly, so was Logan. I was so anxious; and even experienced postpartum rage (which really needs to be talked about more).

Something had to change…

I knew I had to do something. I scoured the internet and found an overwhelming amount of information. A blessing, right? Except almost all of it was contradictory, vague, or just felt impossible. I polled my family and friends begging for advice. I even asked my parents when I finally started sleeping through the night, as if that was the magic answer! I felt alone, exhausted, and so helpless, and Logan still wasn’t sleeping.

When we hit the 4-month sleep regression, I couldn’t believe sleep could get worse, but it did. Our 4-5 hour stretches of sleep shortened to 45 minutes. This is when desperation set in and we started reactively bedsharing every single night despite not being comfortable from a safe sleep standpoint.

I wasn’t the only one who hated this, Logan would wake multiple times every night screaming his little head off. It wasn’t working. We made the decision to sleep train.

I bought a book, laid out a plan, we picked a date and we started the sleep training process. It took a few nights, but the tension in our household let up almost instantly. It was positively life changing. We had finally got Logan sleeping well on his own!

I developed an obsession with sleep!

Throughout this process, I became obsessed with sleep! I wanted to

  • learn everything there was to know
  • understand the science behind it
  • know the ins and outs of actually getting babies and kids to sleep in a predictable and consistent rhythm, without battles
  • help others because sleep is not a luxury; it is a necessity for children and adults alike

When I found the Family Sleep Institute‘s child sleep consultant program, I knew it was the next step in my journey to helping families. I completed over 250 hours of study and became certified in early 2020. Ever since, I have been helping families turn their dreams of sleep into a reality!

I pulled together my top sleep tips from my journey to sleep consulting:

A well rested baby will sleep better

I know, this goes against some very well-meaning advice we often receive – “keep your baby awake during the day and they’ll sleep better at night.”

Babies and children that are kept awake too long, become overtired. Being overtired, makes it’s actually physically harder for their little bodies to fall & stay asleep! Sleep begets sleep – the more sleep children get, the better they sleep. When we help our little ones to get plenty of restorative sleep on an age-appropriate schedule, we can stay ahead of many sleep problems.

Mindset matters

As the old saying goes, “whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right!” When I’m working with a family, much of our communication is around changing the mindset around sleep, crying, and encouraging parents to fill their own cup with self-care. (it’s not selfish!) Sleep is biological and your baby can do it! We just have to find the right solutions to set them up for success.

White noise is a must!

Game changer. It is a super helpful sleep cue, positive sleep association and it drowns out household noise, minimizing disruption. White noise facilitates healthy sleep and it also means you don’t have to tip toe around the house just because the baby is sleeping. I LOVE Lectrofan.

It’s never too late for healthy sleep habits

Healthy sleep habits are a lifelong investment and the benefits do not expire! Maybe what you’ve been doing has been working up until this point and now it’s not, or maybe you’ve been struggling for years. Either way, once you are ready to work on healthy sleep habits, your child can learn and you are their best teacher.

All babies are good babies

And all parents are good parents. Sleep doesn’t determine this. You are uniquely qualified to raise this exact child and this baby was made especially for you. Struggling or needing help does not change this fact. It makes you human. Reach out and ask for help when you need it. Know that there is hope. Your family can be happy, healthy and well-rested.

Thanks for letting me share my journey to sleep consulting with you! If you need help, I’d be honored to be added to your village. Schedule an intro call today and lets talk about working on healthy sleep habits together.

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