Child Behavior

Parenting can quickly swing from “they’re so perfect” to “this is anarchy.”

During our Parenting Rescue Session, our parenting coaches will give you actionable insight and tools that you can begin using immediately to address the toughest child behavior issues in your family.


Everyday, our parenting coaches help parents struggling with:

  • Epic tantrums
  • Frantic mornings
  • A child who’s not listening or cooperating
  • Bedtime battles
  • Dinnertime battles
  • Potty training challenges and more

If this is you, we’re here to make parenting joyful again.  We’ll have you thinking “why didn’t we do this sooner?”

Behavior consulting can help create a peaceful household when:

  • Parenting is feeling like a daily battle
  • You find yourself frustrated and yelling a lot
  • Your default parenting style doesn’t jive with you
  • You and your partner are at odds on parenting and discipline

What if mornings, dinners, and all the hours in between could be peaceful?

Let our team of parent coaches get you and your family back to a happy and healthy connection, including:

  • Easy bedtime routines
  • Getting out the door on time, without tears
  • No more bribing for every bite at dinnertime
  • Proud potty-trained kiddos
  • Parenting in unity
  • Happier kids AND parents

The Parenting Rescue Session includes:

icon with a clipboard

The family intake form where you can share your family’s challenges and goals


60-minute video consultation where we will talk through your family's challenges and discuss tools to help improve behavior


Email summary of our consult with steps and tips outlined for easy reference


Say goodbye to the parenting grind and say hello to harmony.

The first step to a harmonious household is to sign up for your Parenting Rescue Session today.