potty training


Ready to ditch diapers, but your toddler has other ideas?

Potty training doesn't have to be your nemesis! Together we can figure it all out together.

Our Potty Training Consultation is for parents who want to go into teaching your little one to use the potty without trying to read books about all of the different methods.  Or if you've already started potty training and it isn't going the way you hoped.

potty training readiness checklist
potty training readiness checklist

Everyday, we help parents struggling with:

  • Stalled potty training
  • Not pooping on the potty
  • Daycare challenges
  • Regression to diaper days
  • Fears and anxieties
  • Not knowing where to start

If these challenges are plaguing your house, we're here to help restore peace to the this huge milestone.

Less Clorox wipes and tears. More high fives & hugs!

During our Potty Training Consultation, we'll:

  • Help you identify if your little one is ready for potty training
  • Talk about the natural potty training progression
  • Provide tools to set you and your little one up for  success
  • Discuss how to manage potty training without sacrificing sleep
  • Answer all of your questions
potty training consultation

The Potty Training Session includes:

icon with a clipboard

The discovery form where you can share your family’s challenges and goals


The video consultation where we put together a roadmap to success


Email summary of our consult and our Potty Training Readiness Guide


Say goodbye to potty time drama and say hello to peace.

The first step to a more peaceful learning experience is to sign up for a Potty Training Consultation.