Newborn babies. Dreamy. Snuggly. Confusing?!

There are plenty of new territories to conquest in newborn-land, and sleep is at the forefront of the voyage. It can be the difference between cooing “look how cute he is when he drools!” and arguing with your partner over who lost the white noise machine. In short, we need sleep to function, connect, and be ourselves.

Whether you’re a parent to a 0-3 month old, or still happily expecting, the Newborn Sleep Jumpstart Package is perfect for you.

baby yawning in his sleep

Learn how to set up you and your baby for sleep success.

After this consult, you’ll be equipped to:

  • Understand what’s normal for newborn sleep
  • Discover your baby’s sleepy cues
  • Create the optimal sleep environment
  • Develop a soothing routine and a flexible schedule
  • Navigate sleep regressions and milestones
  • Soothe your baby (with no crying) to help them learn the skills they need to sleep independently
  • Feel more confident as a parent and enjoy the newborn stage

The Newborn Sleep Jumpstart
package includes:


The family intake form to clarify your family’s sleep goals


One-hour live video consultation to map our your sleep plan


Newborn Jumpstart Resource Guide to refer to happily ever after


Two follow-up email exchanges to be used within six months


Ready for healthy sleep for you and your newborn?

The first step to getting more sleep is to
book and pay for your consultation.
Investment: $199

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