2023 Sleep Gift Guide For The Whole Family

picture of young parents with a baby for the 2022 sleep gift guide for the entire family
Christine Brown

Christine Brown

The holidays are here and we are all on the hunt for the perfect gift. So our team of certified child sleep consultants has put together our 2023 Sleep Gift Guide chockful of dreamy gift ideas. There is no better gift than the gift of sleep!

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Newborn & Baby 2023 Sleep Gift Guide

picture of newborn and baby sleep gift ideas

Newborn Gift Ideas

Newborns need a lot of milk, burp clothes, diapers, love, snuggles and sleep! Aside from that, they don’t need much else. Parents of newborns have a few gifts that can make sleep much easier…


Until babies begins rolling, they should sleep snuggly in a swaddle. If not, baby’s startle (Moro) reflex, can cause them to wake themselves up if their arms are completely free during sleep periods.  Swaddles also keep newborns cozy, warm and feeling safe, like they felt in the womb.

Our Favorites:

Newborn Sleep Consultation Gift Certificate

For expectant parents or newborn parents with babies three months and under, our Newborn Sleep Consultation will help set your loved ones up for sleep success from the start. This is the gift that keeps on giving! Purchase a gift card here.

White Noise

There are so many sound machines out there, but our favorites are from Yogasleep!

The Dohm Connect is our favorite for babies and children.  It has enhanced volume control so you can lower or raise the volume, without having to enter the room.  Perfect for spontaneous thunderstorms and fireworks!

For your travel loving friends, the Yogasleep Rohm portable sound machine can be a great gift! 

Baby Gift Ideas

The right product or service can definitely help with sleep! Here are our favorites for baby!

Bedtime Routine Must Haves

Tubby Todd bodycare basics for little ones are safe and clean, especially for kiddos with sensitive skin! And they have the cutest gift sets for the holidays!

The Honest Company 2-piece Dreamy Set is an ultra-calming shampoo + body wash and body lotion duo that is an amazing addition to the bedtime routine. And they smell divine! (you may want to use it yourself!)

Our Magic Sleepy Spray is a room and linen spray infused with pure, calming essential oils to help your child (and you?) to feel relaxed & drowsy. It’s blended right in Christine’s kitchen!

Books, books and more books! Here are some of our favorite bedtime books.


Little Sleepies pajamas are 😍! Incredible softness and their prints are adorable. (Black Friday – Cyber Monday 30% off code: LSFAM)

This Hanna Andersson Pajamas super-soft, organic cotton pajamas are the gift that your family or friend will use over and over and over!  These one-piece footed pajamas zips quickly at changing times and include grips on feet. And the patterns are darling!

Sleep Sack

The Snuggy Buddy Sleep Sack is our favorite sleep sack for babies!  It has built-in loveys that babies love playing with while they are putting themselves to sleep.  Use discount code: BELLALUNA10 at checkout for 10% off!

Another fan favorite is the Woolino sleep sack! Use discount code: BELLALUNA10 for 10% off your purchase.

Baby Sleep Online Course

For less than a date night, you can gift your loved one with the lifetime gift of healthy sleep! your family Our online course, Transform Your Baby’s Sleep, provides everything exhausted parents need to teach their baby to be a healthy sleeper. Skip the restaurant gift card and give the gift of sleep instead!

Toddler, Preschooler & Big Kid 2023 Sleep Gift Guide

Zenimal Screen-Free Meditation Device

This was a game changer for my big kids at bedtime in our house! The Zenimal is a screen-free meditation device that helps your child to calm and relax their body at bedtime, making snoozing easier. Best for age 3+. Use discount code: BELLALUNAFAMILY for 5% off.


Once a baby is 12 months and older, a lovey is a wonderful comfort object that can be added to the crib. Imagine if you are the person who gifted your favorite little one with the most beloved object of their childhood?

Our Favorites:

  • Cuddle + Kind loveys are not only adorable, but they are fair trade, using women artisans with equitable, fair trade employment. And for every doll purchased, 10 meals are provided to children in need. Win win.
  • Slumberkins Snuggler loveys not only comfort children, but they come with affirmation cards and a storybook set. These adorable sets can be purchased to help with specific social emotional skill development challenges around bedtime like connection, change, emotional courage, routine, mindfulness, plus much more.

Toddler Pillow

At 2+, children are ready for a pillow in their crib/bed. The My Little North Star toddler pillow is the perfect size for little bodies and it’s organic.

Ok To Wake Clock

Know of a toddler (2+) who is waking at an ungodly hour or through the night? An ok to wake toddler clock serves as a nightlight and also a visual cue to let little ones to know when it is time to start the day.

Our Favorites:

  • The Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Clock works amazingly, especially with younger toddlers. Plus its got a variety of character options to suit your child’s favorite things!
  • The Hatch Rest is a great multi-purpose machine, that includes an ok to wake feature, nightlight, sound and sound machine.

Child Behavior Strategy Session

Is your sister/friend’s child’s behavior driving her crazy and keeping her up at night? If so, a child behavior consultation may be the perfect gift! During this 60-minute session, Christine, mother of 8-year old twins, will help your loved one decrease the battles and increase the peace in their household. You can purchase a printable or emailable gift card here.

Mom & Women 2023 Sleep Gift Guide

If you are looking for gifts for the women in your life or to add to your own wish list, these are some of my favorites to help you and your loved ones to get a good night’s slumber!

Pajamas & Bathrobes

Many baby’s pajamas are made from soft pima cotton and these amazing Jijamas for adults are too!

I love the Barefoot Dreams Towel Terry Robes – they are so soft and are great post-shower for quick drying or to hang out in.

An equal luscious robe at a more affordable price, is this one is one of Oprah’s fav products for 2023.

Being a woman comes with it’s challenges and one of those is our monthly cycle, which often results in stained sheets. Surely the THINX Sleep Shorts will help to protect sheets during that time of the month. The Fatty Sunday’s chocolate-covered pretzels have nothing to do with sleep and it isn’t a great bedtime snack (chocolate = caffeine), but pretzels and chocolate? The perfect PMS food!


If you and your partner are constantly fighting over the covers, the Couples Split bedding may help solve that for good!


The Coop Home Goods pillow is clean, chemical-free free and customizable to give you the perfect spinal alignment and an amazing night’s slumber.  This pillow is ideal for back, stomach and side sleepers!

Silk Pillowcases & Eye Masks

Silk pillow cases are a must to keep the moisture in your skin and to prevent crazy bed head! I gave these Blissy silk pillowcases for birthdays this year to all my gal pals and they were a huge hit! J JIMOO 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is another one of my favorite silk pillowcases!

The Mavogel Cotton Sleep Mask blocks out all light!

If you are looking for a silk version, 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask works amazingly at creating a dark environment and it’s nice and gentle on the eye area.

Weighted Blanket

My Mom struggles with sleep. (how ironic – she won’t listen to me!) I got her this weighted blanket and it has helped. They are like swaddles for adults! A weighted blanket can help with sleep by:

  • Providing comfort and security
  • Easing stress and soothing anxiety
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Calming the nervous system

**If you are considering a weighted blanket for your child, check with your pediatrician and closely look at the weight ranges for safety. NOTHING weighted should ever be used with babies under 12 months of age as it can increase the likelihood of SIDS.**

Sound Machine

Sleeping with white noise helps with better sleep, especially for light sleepers and children!

Our Favorites:

Bedtime Routine / Self-Care For Moms

Here are some of my bedtime routine favorites that would make a fun, relaxing gift basket:

Blue Light Blockers

Have a night owl worker or a phone junky in your life? They may not know that blue light emitted from our devices can make it difficult to fall asleep and decrease the restorative value of sleep. Ideally, devices are turned off 60 minutes before bed, but if you have to work late or can’t peel yourself away from the TV or your phone blue light blockers are a necessity.

Our Favorites:

Blue Light Blocking Light Bulbs

The right lightbulb in your bedside lamp supports your body’s natural production of melatonin, our sleepy hormone.  Combined with a bedtime routine, the Sleep Enhancing Blue Light Blocking lightbulbs can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. We use these in my twins’ rooms and my bedroom.

Meditation Sleep Gifts

Trouble shutting your brain down at bed? Or do you wake in the night and your busy brain makes it difficult to return to sleep? Using a sleep meditation can help you get out of your head and calm your body, making it easier to fall asleep and return to sleep if you wake in the night. 

Our Favorites:

Sleep, Behavior & Potty Training Help

Give the gift of sleep and peace to your loved one with a gift card for our services!

Not Sleep Gifts, But Still Amazing…

Morning Coffee

The Ember Travel Mug is portable and keeps coffee warm for you

Date Night In Boxes

Parenthood, especially with young children, can be challenging and sometimes our relationship can suffer. (been there) If you are looking to reconnect with your partner, without needing to leave the house, the Date Night in Boxes are an amazing gift!

Dad or Man 2023 Sleep Gift Guide


If your partner sleeps in pajamas, the ones from Tommy John are so soft and breathable, plus he’ll look good in them vs. ratty sweatpants!

Cooling Pillow

Dads tend to run hot so if your hubby or Dad falls into this category, consider the Coop Home Goods Eden Bed Pillow. It’s cooling and adjustable based on your guy’s preferences. Plus, it can reduce snoring, pain and tossing/turning. Win win!

Eye Pillow Mask

Blackout isn’t just for our kids! Parents benefit from sleeping in darkness too! The Ostrichpillow Sleep Mask combines an ideal weight with blackout conditions and six layers of comfort that put zero pressure on the eyes.

Shower & Skincare

My husband LOVES Dr. Squatch’s soap, shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste. So when he showers with these before bed (another good part of a routine), I like that he smells manly, but good!

If you just did a double-take when you saw skincare, hear me out! Many men are starting to see the importance of taking care of their skin, even though when they age they get all silver fox! (unfair) PLUS, having a skincare routine is a wonderful addition to a bedtime routine, which helps to improve sleep quality. If this is your partner/spouse, the Viking Revolution Men’s Skincare (how manly!) is highly rated.

Reading / Listening Material

Another key part of the bedtime routine is staying off our phones for at least 30 minutes before lights out and reading/listening to a book is a solid way to get the body ready for slumber! If your husband is sports-obsessed like mine, check out The League: How Five Rivals Created the NFL and Launched a Sports Empire. (this would certainly put me to sleep!)

If your favorite guy prefers to listen vs. read, an Audible membership is a great gift that keeps on giving all year long!

Oura Ring

Now this is a splurge, but for the tech-obsessed Dad who cares about his health, the Oura Ring is an amazing gift. It helps to track sleep, activity and recovery, plus it gives interesting insight to improve sleep quality and overall health.

We hope our 2023 Sleep Gift Guide For The Entire Family makes your shopping experience dreamy this year! If nothing fits for your loved one, our gift certificates always make an amazing gift for the parents in your life.

We participate in the Amazon Affiliates Program and other affiliate programs. We receive a small referral income for recommending products. The referral income in no way sways our decision of what products to recommend. These products are all tested and approved by the Bella Luna team in our own homes, with our clients or come highly rated.

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