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Hi! I’m Piper Grabowski, Certified Pediatric Sleep consultant. I was born and raised in New York City, living now in New Hampshire with my husband, Matt, and our vivacious 2 year old, Stephanie.

My Journey To Sleep Consulting

I studied midwifery at the University College Cork, Ireland for my undergrad degree and received my masters at SUNY for perinatology (maternal-child medicine).

Before coming to Bella Luna Family, I was a midwife in Ireland and became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant upon returning to the states.

Working with women from several different countries sparked my passion for supporting families during the whirlwind perinatal period. There can be so much information and uncertainty, and I wanted to become a source of calm, creative clarity. That led me to get my Certified Child Sleep Consultant certification from the Family Sleep Institute in early 2023.

pictures of Piper Grabowski's Family, Certified Child Sleep Consultant, Bella Luna Family

My Mission

My mission as a sleep consultant and IBCLC is to combine evidence-based practices, specialized training, and years of experience to provide families with non-judgmental, personalized support on their sleep and lactation journeys.

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Why I Became a Sleep Consultant

My daughter was a decent sleeper and I thought I had myself a little unicorn baby, until I cut her two naps down to one *way* too early, and all sleep went sideways.

I desperately reached out to my own sleep consultant, Sarah, and my scientific brain became fascinated by the way her changes to our schedule and sleep practices completely turned my daughter (and family) around.

I became determined to understand how and why this worked, and became a certified sleep consultant. Once I had the science down, I knew I could put my own spin and perinatal experience to work for families who needed the same break I did.

Client Love

How I can support and help you achieve your goals...

I provide evidence-based support, and look at comprehensive family and lifestyle dynamics to tailor-make a plan that fits each individual client. I listen to you, I laugh with you, and I walk with you.

Interesting Info

Location / Time Zone

Manchester, NH / EST

What I’m Reading

The Lilac Girls, by Martha Hall Kelly, but since that’s tearing my heart to shreds, I'm also reading Tales of the Jazz Age, by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

On My Nightstand

A salt lamp, a sleep mask, exactly one cough drop, and a love letter from my husband.


Certified Child Sleep Consultant, International Board Certified Lactation Counselor


Lactation and children's sleep from newborn to 5 years of age

My sleep philosophy

Like coffee, I want it dark, plentiful, regular (and ideally in a 5-star hotel)

personality type

I’m a type-A social butterfly who needs a strong sense of community but also plenty of decompression time afterwards

Star Sign


Enneagram / Meyers Briggs