The Importance of Bedtime Stories as Part of a Soothing Routine

stories as part of bedtime routine
Christine Brown

Christine Brown

Today on the Bella Luna Sleep Blog, we are welcoming Stephanie Brusseau of Usborne Books & More to help us understand the important of bedtime stories and answer the question “why should I read bedtime stories to my children as part of their soothing routine?”

Stephanie is also a twin Mom to 2-year-old boy girl twins and is a total book aficionado!  She was the perfect choice to share with us why reading to our children at bedtime should be an integral part of all soothing routines.  I recommend starting to read at bedtime really young – around 2-3 months old – and Stephanie agrees.

By: Stephanie Brusseau

Another day is winding down. You find yourself exhausted, struggling to make it through bedtime and ready to hit the couch.  Your children’s pajamas are on and their teeth are brushed.  The tired voice in your head says “It’s okay, just skip the bedtime story tonight.”

This is a thought that you may reconsider!  There is value in reading bed time stories.  Starting with tiny newborns all the way up through older children, who are capable of reading on their own.

In our technologically driven society, people are less likely to pick up a book these day.  They are more likely to hand their child a tablet or the television remote. The statistics are alarming. Only half of all parents read to their children on a daily basis, and only 10% read from infancy.

Especially on days where our energy is spent, it seems a whole lot easier to skip over the bedtime stories in favor of watching a short show or movie before climbing under the covers for the night.

Many people may think “newborns can’t understand, so why bother?”

The Benefits:

  • The truth is that reading from infancy helps newborns to bond with their parents & caregivers, promotes language development and create a positive association with books and reading from the start.
  • Reading aloud is shown to be the most important, researched activity to build foundations of literacy!
  • Word sound awareness, listening skills, recognition of sounds & letters and vocabulary are all improved in the infant and toddler years from being read to.
  • Over time, reading aloud can build imagination & creativity, spark curiosity, improve memory, and help children cope during times of stress or anxiety.

My Advice to Give Your Child the Best Start and Help Them Settle into Slumber?

Put down the tablet, turn off the tv, grab a book and snuggle up with your little one.

Now is the time to soak in these moments, say yes to “one more book” and let the books pile up around the house!

Making reading a part of your bedtime routine builds connections at the end of a long day, and helps your little ones get ready for night full of adventures in their dreams.

Here is a List of My Top 5 Usborne Books & More Bedtime Stories:

  1. Love You Hoo – the perfect snuggle up and share your love book
  2. Take Ted Instead – kids will do anything to get out of going to bed, including offering up everyone else in the house!
  3. B is for Bedtime – a “let’s get ready for bed” alphabet book
  4. 5 Minute Bedtime Stories – a collection of perfect length stories to read before bed
  5. How to Tuck in Your Sleepy Lion – for the toddler who doesn’t want to sleep

I love helping all families grow their libraries and learn to make reading an important part of their lives!

Want to Learn More?

Please reach out if you’d like more information on how I integrate these books into my twin’s bedtime routine and to talk about opportunities to get these amazing books for free! You can contact me through:

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