From Sleep Deprived Twin Mom to Sleep Consultant: Sarah’s Journey

Sarah Walton, Sleep Consultant with Bella Luna Family and her twins and daughter
Sarah Walton

Sarah Walton

When my husband and I found out we were pregnant with twins, we were shocked, nervous, and very excited all at the same time. I certainly never thought I’d be writing an article about being a sleep deprived twin mom to sleep consultant!

We struggled to get pregnant so it was a welcome surprise. My #1 goal was always to be a mother one day. I have always loved children, especially babies! I babysat for a dozen families, I volunteered in Sunday school and nursery at my church, and I was a camp counselor for months in the summer.

I just never expected to go from 0-2 babies from the jump!

Once we knew we were expecting two babies, I immediately read up on all things twins and sleep. I felt relatively confident. I figured it would be difficult at times, but assumed we could handle it. After all, I love babies!

The Twins Arrived & Sleep Deprivation Took Hold

Fast forward to one of the best days of my life, my boys were born. They were perfection….except they didn’t sleep!

From the get-go, they slept 1 hour at a time. I knew something was up and I felt like I was fighting to be heard by the doctors. They had severe reflux as well as lip and tongue ties. Once we got those two issues under control, feeding them took less time, becoming less of a struggle. But they still didn’t sleep.

I had several friends in my neighborhood who were pregnant at the same time so it was awesome to go through the journey together, however, it seemed that once our babies all came, mine were the only ones that didn’t sleep. Their babies miraculously took great naps or slept long stretches at night. I was so jealous and struggling.

Our Sleep Struggles

To say that my husband and I were exhausted is a huge understatement. We all slept one hour at a time. At night, we would go to bed when the babies went to bed. I would have one baby on the breast and he would have one baby on his chest. On the hour, every hour, his baby would wake up and we would trade.

I was always stressed and anxious about safe sleep practices but at this point, they didn’t sleep and we were barely surviving. Post-partum hit me hard. Nothing in the world could have prepared me for this level of sleep deprivation. My husband still had to go to work in the morning, exhausted, leaving me alone, overwhelmed, with two very overtired, fussy babies.

The Turning Point

One of my best friends from college came for a couple of days to help me and while she was there, she mentioned one of her friends had used a sleep consultant in NH and said she had an amazing experience. I toyed with the idea for a while and then brought it up to my husband. He was reluctant at first. It was a lot of money for a new family of 4, living on one income. He believed we could do it on our own, which I had always believed as well, but once they came into this world, my heart was forever changed.

I could not bear to hear them cry, I was certain we were damaging them in some way, yet I knew deep down we couldn’t keep going like we were. It was not sustainable. Something had to give.

That sleep consultant in NH ended up being Christine, the founder of Bella Luna Family. This is what ultimately set me on the path to becoming a sleep consultant myself.

I spoke with Christine, also a twin mom, and I felt so heard and understood. We decided to work together, and while it was challenging and took a bit, we were able to get the boys sleeping through the night and on a regular schedule. Our twin boys sleeping through the night and a consistent schedule was LIFE CHANGING. My husband will tell everyone to this day, it was the best money we ever spent. (probably saved our marriage too!)

Twin Mom to Sleep Consultant

Christine and I kept in touch and became friends. I had one more baby. I sleep trained her at 4 months to the day and felt confident, just based on what I had learned from Christine during our time together. I also helped several friends sleep train their babies.

A few years ago, Christine reached out and told me I should get certified to become a sleep consultant and come work for her. I laughed at first, because the thought had never occurred to me and I thought surely she was joking. (she wasn’t!) Then I started to think about it more seriously and it made perfect sense.

I am passionate about my kids’ sleep and always want to help others get their kids sleeping. I went to school, graduated and came to work with Christine and the Bella Luna team. I haven’t looked back since.

I love this job so much. I love helping and supporting families. I’ve been there in the trenches myself. I want to help other moms and dads take control of their lives again and get better sleep so they can feel like themselves again.

How I Can Help You

If my story resonates with you and you need help, I’d LOVE to be your sleep consultant! I’m based in Pensacola, Florida but I help families all over the world!

Schedule a discovery call with me and let’s chat about working together! Sleep deprivation doesn’t have to be a way of life and you don’t have to know all the answer or figure it out all by yourself. That is what I’m here for – to guide you, to empower you and to support you in achieving your family’s sleep goals!

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