Top 6 Reasons Our Sleep Consultants Love The Snuggy Buddy Sleep Sack

picture of a baby, toddler and big kid in snuggy buddy sleep sacks for our Top 6 Reasons Our Sleep Consultants Love The Snuggy Buddy blog post
Christine Brown

Christine Brown

In early 2022, we found out that our team’s favorite sleep sack was being discontinued because the business was closing due to Covid. We were devastated! This sent me on a mission to find our *new* favorite sleep sack. You see, not any sleep sack will do. We work with a lot of families whose little ones are struggling with sleep so the magical sleep sack we recommend has to keep babies cozy, but it also has to help with self-soothing. I searched high and low and was starry-eyed when I found the perfect sleep sack: the Snuggy Buddy! 🤩

Why The Snuggy Buddy Sleep Sack Is So Dreamy

Reason #1: Babies AND Parents LOVE The Attached Plush Lovey

Did you know that touch is one of the first senses that babies develop?

Research shows that oxytocin, a hormone that makes us feel calm and soothed, is released when babies (and humans in general) are snuggling with something soft and cuddly.

The attached plush butterfly lovey on the Snuggy Buddy is at chest height. This makes it easy to find and allows for easy access for babies to rub the lovey. This helps babies to tap into the calming effects of touch, helping them to feel safe, soothed and calm.

This is important when we are teaching babies to be healthy sleepers because it gives babies a sleep-safe, independent soothing tool that they can use to calm themselves, while they are learning to put themselves to sleep.

Here’s what our sleep coach, Sarah has to say about the Snuggy Buddy…

And babies LOVE it! I get videos all the time of babies rubbing the butterfly lovey while going to sleep. It is so sweet!

Reason #2: Comfort & Safety

You may have also noticed that I said sleep safe above…

The American Academy of Pediatrics doesn’t recommend anything in the crib with babies during the first year of life. The crib should have only a firm mattress, a fitted sheet and your baby in a sleep sack.

Many families want to give a comfort object, especially during sleep training, but feel conflicted because of the AAP’s recommendations. The Snuggy Buddy allows you to provide a sewn-in lovey, while helping to keep your baby safe for sleep.

Snuggy Buddy Weighted vs. Unweighted

There are two versions to choose from – the weighted and unweighted option. We recommend that you choose the unweighted version for two reasons:

  1. We want to provide your baby with unrestricted access to find their comfy spot. A weight placed on the chest, can impede your baby’s freedom of movement to roll to the tummy. It can also be uncomfortable for tummy sleepers. (Safety note: until your little one can roll front to back and back to front they should sleep on their back.)
  2. New recommendations from the AAP state that anything weighted on your baby or in the crib is discouraged. Along with the reason above, we don’t recommend the weighted version.

Reason #3: Snuggy Buddy Grows With Your Baby

If you’ve got a tall baby or you aren’t looking to purchase a ton of sleep sacks as your little one grows, the Snuggy Buddy is a solid choice. Our sleep consultant Kyle would have loved to use this sleep sack with her little guy…

The 6-12 month size is for babies that are 6 months or older and weigh a minimum of 16 pounds. The 12+ month size is for babies that are 12+ months and weight a minimum of 24 lbs.

It has adjustable snaps on both shoulders so it grows with your baby. The 6-12 month sleep sack is 33 inches from shoulder to toe.

Snuggy Buddy Walker For Toddlers

Once your baby starts walking, there is also a toddler walker version. It has the same butterfly lovey your little one will already know and love.

Your toddler can use the sleep sack itself as a lovey once your little one no longer needs a sleep sack and has transitioned to a big kid bed. The crib-to-bed transition happens around 3 years old ideally.

Reason #4: Helps With Midnight Diaper Changes

If your baby is a heavy wetter or prone to pooping at night, the Snuggy Buddy’s lay flat feature with zippers down each side, will be a lifesaver for midnight diaper changes. It’s easy to get your baby in and out of quickly. This means less stimulation and getting your baby (and you!) back to sleep as quickly as possible.

Reason #5: Snuggy Buddy Is Super Soft & Wearable Year Round

We’re not just talking about the lovey, the entire sleep sack is super soft! The Snuggy Buddy is made of triple layer premium pre-washed cotton Muslin fabric, making it super soft and wearable year-round. It has a 1.0 TOG rating. This is one of the major things that our sleep coach, Alex, loves about the Snuggy Buddy!

In the summer, it can be layered over a onesie or lightweight pajamas. In the winter, the Snuggy Buddy can be layered over warmer fleece jammies if the nursery is cool.

Reason #6: Snuggy Buddy Gives Parents Peace of Mind

As our sleep coach, Piper said perfectly above, the Snuggy Buddy gives babies a tool that they can use for soothing, that is safe to have in the crib. Knowing this goes a long way towards parents knowing that their baby is safe and has tools to comfort themselves at bedtime and if they wake at night. This gives parents pieces of mind to help them to sleep more peacefully.

Are you like, “I need sleep sack now?!”

We’ve got you covered and a discount code to boot!

You can purchase directly from Snuggy Buddy and use discount code BELLALUNA10 for 10% off!

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