4 Year Old Bedtime Battles And Night Wakings Case Study

Picture of the family we assisted with their 4 Year Old Bedtime Battles And Night Wakings Case Study
Christine Brown

Christine Brown

When Laura reached out for help with her child’s sleep, her family was exhausted and at their wit’s end. Their 4 year old’s bedtime battles and night wakings, plus early morning wake ups were making parenting difficult and they knew there had to be a better way.

She scheduled a discovery call with Bella Luna Sleep Consultant, Alex Warrack. She shared more about what she was experiencing and to see if we could help.

The Challenges

  • They were exhausted from rocking their 4-year-old to sleep, frequent night waking and early morning wake-ups
  • Mom or Dad was having to rock him and then lay with him at bedtime until he fell asleep
  • Jude would then wake up 3-5 times a night
  • Out of exhaustion and desperation, he would end up sleeping in bed with Dad

After hearing about their challenges, Alex shared that she helps families in similar situations all the time. Alex thought they’d be a great fit and that she would love to help them. They quickly signed up for a Sleep Revamp package. Then they completed their intake form, sharing their sleep goals.

The Family’s Sleep Goals

The family shared the following goals that they would like to achieve during their time working with us:

  • Jude to learn to fall asleep independently
  • Jude to sleep through the night in his own bed
  • Room sharing with his little sister

The Consultation, Sleep Plan and Support

The family scheduled their video consultation with Alex. During their consultation, they talked about their goals and came up with a plan together to help get Jude back on track. They chose a sleep training method where they had a consistent response that would allow Jude to learn new, healthier sleep habits.

After the consultation, Alex created a customized sleep plan for the family. In the plan, she outlined everything that they discussed during the consultation. She provided step-by-step guidance on how to do the sleep training.

Overcoming Bedtime Battles And Night Wakings

Next, the family chose a kick-off day for support to start. During the 2 weeks that they worked together, the family logged all of Jude’s sleep. This allowed Alex to provide insight, advice and encouragement each day. She was also available to them by text, email and phone as needed.

By the end of the 2 weeks, they had achieved some pretty amazing results! They met their family’s sleep goals with Alex’s support, accountability and encouragement.

The Results

Falling Asleep Independently

With Mom & Dad’s support, reassurance and boundary setting, plus adjustments to his schedule, sleep environment and routine, Jude learned to fall asleep independently.

Sleeping Through The Night

We integrated our favorite ok to wake clock, the stoplight sleep-enhancing clock, into his room. This serves as a visual cue that it was still sleepytime if he woke at night. After making adjustments to his sleep environment and using behavioral techniques to help him prepare for the change, coupled with a checks method of sleep training, Jude started sleeping through the night in his own bed on night 5!

Room Sharing With His Little Sister

On night 10, we were able to integrate Jude’s little sister back into their shared room. They were both able to sleep peacefully!

What They Had To Say About Working With Bella Luna

“I loved how the changes made were achievable. I loved that we were able to talk to Alex about anything, and she was willing to work with us, and listen to our suggestions about what may work for Jude if something else wasn’t working. I also loved how she made suggestions for ME as a parent to ensure that I’d also be successful in Jude’s progress. Everything was honestly amazing.”

Laura, Mom to 4 Year old, Jude

Need Help?

If you are struggling with your bedtime battles and night wakings with your baby, toddler or big kid, we’d love to help you figure it all out and support you achieve your family’s sleep goals! Schedule a discovery call to chat about working together!

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