Working with The Bella Luna Team

Working with Bella Luna Team
Christine Brown

Christine Brown

It’s New Year’s and a popular resolution is: GET MORE SLEEP! In fact, it was 6 years ago at this time that I began my journey to teaching my twins healthy sleep habits!

Maybe you’ve been toying (obsessing) with the idea of getting help for your family’s sleep challenges. Maybe you’ve even been reading reviews and following along trying to decide if you want to work with our team. It’s a big decision. As former sleep deprived moms ourselves, we get it!

If you are someone who like to do their homework before making a decision or you are just curious, we want to share our process and what it’s like working with the Bella Luna team.

New to the concept of getting help? Check out this post to learn about how a sleep coach can help your family and important factors to consider when deciding who to use.

Want to learn what it looks like working with the Bella Luna Team? Read on!

Step 1: Fill Out Our Contact Form

To express interest in working together, the first step is to fill out our contact form

This is where you can let us know which areas you could use a little help. We also ask that you share a little bit about your challenges. 

You can choose to work with one member of our team specifically or we can help pair you with a sleep coach.  Once this is filled out, you will receive an email with options on how we can work together.

Step 2: Package Options

For clients that don’t need one-on-one support: we will send you a quote to sign up for the package you selected.  These packages include behavior sessions, potty training sessions, newborn sleep consultations and Ask Me Anything sessions.

For all clients that need one-on-one support:  you will receive an email with an option to buy now or if you have specific questions, we can schedule an intro call to talk about working together. During this call, we will recommend a sleep coaching package and answer any questions you have about working with us.

Step 3: Signing Up

We will then send you a quote with the package options to help you meet your sleep goals.  You select your package, review and sign our agreement and then pay the invoice online through PayPal. 

Payment options include credit card, PayPal funds or you can use PayPal 6-month interest-free financing to split the package cost into payments.

Step 4: Family Intake Form

After the invoice is paid, you will receive an email with a link to complete our family intake form.  We will ask questions about your:

  • Child’s health history, personality & temperament
  • Family’s habits, sleep history and sleep goals
  • Child’s sleep environment, schedule and routine
  • Parenting philosophies

Your responses will help us uncover all of the insight we need to prepare for our video consultation.

Once you’ve submitted the family intake form, you will receive a link to book our consultation.

Step 5: Video Consultation

We will meet through Zoom video conferencing.  Your spouse, partner, nanny or grandparents can all join in from different locations if needed.

During the consultation, we review the family intake form and provide insight, guidance and suggestions. 

Towards the end of the consultation, we will discuss and choose a sleep training method together. Our sleep training methods aren’t one size fits all. We will work with you to find a method that will be effective for your child’s personality and temperament as well as align with your parenting philosophies. This is important to ensure you stay consistent.

Step 6: Customized Sleep Plan

After the consultation, your sleep coach will put together a customized sleep plan for your family. The plan reviews everything we discussed on the video call and step-by-step instructions on sleep training. You’ll review the plan, ask questions and we will finalize your start date.

Step 7: Support

Support starts the first night that you begin the sleep training.  We are your cheerleader, your coach and your accountability buddy, helping you stay consistent and encouraging you throughout our time together! We’ve all been through this process ourselves so we can empathize and provide insight gained through working with hundreds of clients.

Support includes:

  • Email, text and scheduled phone calls. We want you to feel well-supported through the process and ensure your questions are answered
  • Our sleep log app is where you can log all of your child’s sleep on a daily basis. We analyze the log and make suggestions based on that information

Step 8: The Results

Normally by the end of two weeks, children are sleeping through the night and taking good quality naps or they are well on their way to quality naps. Nights normally come together first. For some children, naps can take 2-3 weeks to become consistent. Extended support is available for families that need a little extra help.

Step 9: Future Support

After your support period has ended, all families will receive:

  1. Guidance about continuing to develop healthy sleep habits on your own
  2. Our Maintaining Healthy Sleep Habits guide. This 40-page guide talks about all of the potential sleep speed bumps, like nap transitions, sleep regressions, travel, sickness and teething, plus much more
  3. Once reviewing the Maintaining Healthy Sleep Habits guide, you can ask outstanding questions through email.
  4. Access to tune-up packages or email support if sleep gets derailed

If you decide on our two-week Sleep Revamp package, you will also have access to:

  1. A 20-minute wrap-up call with your sleep consultant, talking through your questions
  2. Our private Champion Sleepers Facebook community for ongoing peer support, sleep consultant insight and continuing education opportunities.

Are you interested in working with the Bella Luna Team?

If so, please fill out our contact form today to get this slumber party started! We look forward to connecting with you and helping your family to be happy, healthy & well-rested.

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